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Our principles

The main capital and the foundation stone of our successful work are our employees. Because of their great state of knowledge we can depend not only on experiences in mid and eastern Europe, but as well in Africa and Asia.
Therefore it is in our main interest to keep our employees up to date with trainings in the fields of structural engineering, information technology, legal issues and personality development .

Our customers benefits from a cooperation with us is the erection of their buildings in the shortest possible period of time; of course within compliance with all quality standards and the given framework of costs.

Our motto in this context is:


He who hesitates is at most second.

Erfahrungen in Österreich, Deutschland, Ungarn, Irland, Tschechien,

Wir bleiben am (Erd)-Ball!
Zitat Schopenhauer
Der Mensch für sich allein vermag gar wenig und ist ein
verlassener Robinson; nur in der Gemeinschaft mit den
anderen ist und vermag er viel.
Arthur Schopenhauer
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